2017 Hike #2: Sick Day Edition

The Winter Blues might have caught up to little man lately.  After a long week of school, speech therapy, and OT, we noticed that he was more tired than normal.  His teacher noticed, too.  He had a "low grade fever" at school but was not sent home.  But when he went up to his room at 6:00 p.m. and crawled into bed on his own, it was quite clear that we were going to keep him home today for a day of rest.

Well, he had other plans.

Wide awake at 7 a.m. on his own, the time when I usually wake him up to get the morning routine started, he's been fine ever since.  But, since I stayed home with him for a family illness day, I thought we'd make good use of our day off.

Although I considered driving out to one of the county parks for an adventure, we hit the local trails, because it is cold out and because I didn't want to stray too far from home just in case he suddenly started to feel ill.

It turned out to be a pretty good day for a hike.  Cold, like I said, but very clear.  We were not the only family out there either.  We did run into a mom and dad with an infant in one of those kid carrier / backpacks that you can get at REI.  That dad was a trooper - they were headed up the long "staircase" that we call the "Indian Stairs," but was actually a long, rock staircase made to the top of a beacon hill used by colonists here in New Jersey to warn of British troop movements out of old Elizabethtown (now Newark).  That staircase is a challenge for anyone, never mind someone hiking with a kid on their back.

We headed out on the other trails, and I let him set the pace and lead today, which he did, for the most part. 

Today he set a distance PR at 1.9 miles.  I was hoping to hit 2, but once we got back to the truck I couldn't convince him to do a lap of the parking lot to hit the nice, round number!  

The Stats:

Distance: 1.9 mi

Moving Time: 47:18

Elapsed Time: 49:04

Elevation Gain: 188 ft


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