2017 Hike #4 - The Split Rock

While this blog is very new, you are probably catching on to the fact that I place an emphasis on getting outdoors on some small adventures with my five year old.

That has been true for a while now.

Because my son is non-verbal, I have to look very closely at him and try to gauge his interests in terms of his unique cues.

One thing that I have come to believe is that he enjoys the time outdoors.

He is beginning to be able to use an iPad as an assistance communication tool.  During the summer, he would tell us, via his electronic voice, "I want to go to the swimming pool" over and over again - perhaps four times per day.

Of course now that it is winter, and living in New Jersey, our options are much more limited.

But he is able to request "I want to go for a walk," and so, on the weekends, out we go.

It is a quiet time for me, enjoying watching my son explore the world around him, as well as a time for reflection.

Most frequently, I find myself thinking about preparing for his future, which is why one of the main focuses of this little blog is personal finance with a tilt toward dividend growth investing.

That hit home for me on our latest hike in an unexpected way.

We were out on what has become our normal weekend hike, and I noticed something at once very old and very new.  It was new in the sense that I either not seen it before, or never really noticed it.  But this rock

seemed to me to be as old as time, and I stopped, silent, for a moment on the trail, as a wave of thought and of feeling crossed over me.

What forces were at work to split this rock?  Conceptually I understand the forces of rain, the continual process of weathering, freezing, and general erosion.  But the scale of time really hit me.

How many thousands of years, or tens of thousands of years, has it sat, exposed to the elements?

At once I felt very small, and very limited in the time that I have to build up a fund to be able to live, retire, and pass on, knowing that the fund must - by far - outlast my lifetime.

The questions before me are equally as complex as the factors that led me toward the intersection with that immovable stone.

How do I generate greater amounts of income to use as new capital to the fund?

How do I best invest, guarding principal while earning maximum income?

Do I have any room for speculation and risk, or do I take a very risk-averse approach?

What things have I not considered yet?

It's funny how a simple hour in the woods can have such an impact.  To be honest, I am hesitant to go back out on the White Trail again this weekend because I know that I will be reminded, every time I crest the hill and see this rock, that I do not have answers to many important questions yet.  But the urge to get things moving as quickly as possible to begin to generate sizable dividend income is there, and not going away anytime soon.

So my questions to you all - How did you begin to get your dividend machine working?  What strategies did you employ that you found to be successful?

Thank you, and good luck.

The Stats:

Distance: 1.7 mi

Moving Time: 1:00:49

Elevation Gain: 212 ft


  1. 2017 is the year for us to begin our dividend machine. Wish us luck!

    1. Definitely! Glad to finally get it going and looking forward to what is to come.


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