December 2016: Dividend Income Update

December was the month before I re-booted the dividend account after hitting the $10,000 savings mark again after emptying the fund earlier in the year to pay for grad school tuition.  As such, there was not much activity in the fund, and little in the way of dividend income.  However, there were a few stocks which provided me with a small amount of passive income, including my 50 share position in Realty Income (0) which I have maintained, and will look at add to as a buy-and-hold forever stock.

With that, here is a look at dividends received in December:

Dec 2016
SymbolDividends Received
Total 14.83

Not a large amount by any measure, but income is income.  

I sold out of my GNL position, which I'd held for about a year, because I was nervous about the high yield and the short history of the company.  While I made a very small profit, on top of a year's worth of dividends, I thought it best to begin to focus the fund with a mix of blue chip Dividend Aristocrats, solid utilities, and ETF / index funds.  

Additionally, the $.35 dividend was from one share of Coca-Cola Co. (KO), which was purchased automatically via the DRIP program at Scottrade.  I have since added to the position, which also falls into the "buy-and-hold forever" category.  

January is shaping up to be better, and I am looking forward to making a run at my 2017 goals!

Good luck out there, and stay warm, wherever you are! 


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