February 2017: Estimated Dividend Income

February is shaping up to be a slow month.  Not only is the fund just getting started, but only two of the current nine positions will pay a dividend this month.

While I had additional income in January which allowed me to begin a decent position in W.P. Carey, Inc., February will see no such purchases.  In fact, I do not envision any February purchases for the fund.

With that, here is a brief look at the month ahead:

SymbolSharesEstimated Income

It will be interesting to look back in February of next year, the year after, and so forth to quantify dividend income growth.  For now, I'm just establishing this as the baseline and moving on.

Hopefully you have a lucrative month!  Good luck, and thanks for checking in.

Update 2/2/17: Began a position in Global Net Lease (GNL), buying 101 shares at $7.81. Anticipated February Dividend -> $5.98

Disclosure: Long CVS, O, WPC


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