March 2017: Estimated Dividend Income

Looking ahead to March, six of the stocks in my newly established Exceptional Fund are scheduled to pay dividends.

Compared to February's estimate, the income for March is considerably higher.

Again, even though the amount of income is relatively small, it equates to a few hours of work at a side job or chaperoning an event or a game at school.

And that is what is exciting about a growing stream of dividend income.  I will earn this money without having to sacrifice time out of the house working those extra hours.  My money is working for me, and for my son, as this income stream is for his benefit and will one day be his.

As this fund grows, the monthly income will continue to increase and supplement all of those hours that I do work.

Many of you that have begun to follow along with me as I begin to establish this dividend income fund have a child or family member with special needs.  Ours is a large and growing community.  My advice to any of you is to begin a fund that meets your needs and the needs of your family.  This is something that anyone can do - and, I feel strongly - should do.

I started by saving $100 a month, as I was working and paying tuition for graduate school.  It was the most I could afford, and trust me I felt the pinch.  But it was worth it, as that money grew and I was able to begin to put more and more money away from various side jobs and summer work.

I chose $10,000 as the mark where I would "establish" my fund and begin writing this blog.  But really, it started with the first dollar and has slowly grown from there.

I have years and years ahead of me, and while in many ways I feel that I am behind the curve, I know that this fund will eventually begin to produce a significant stream of income to supplement the various costs associated with raising a child with a disability.

Thank you for reading and following along with me, and I am looking forward to a successful spring where I keep working on reaching my goals for the year.

And now, an estimated look at the month ahead:

March 2017Company NameSymbolEstimated Dividend Income
American Electric PowerAEP5.90
Duke EnergyDUK17.00
Global Net LeaseGNL5.98
Realty IncomeO10.50
Pepsico PEP7.50

Disclosure: Long all stocks mentioned.


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