April 2017: Estimated Dividend Income

Looking ahead to April, five of the stocks in my newly established Exceptional Fund are scheduled to pay dividends.

As I have written before, even though the amount of income is relatively small right now, it equates to a few hours of work at a side job or chaperoning an event or a game at school.

And that is what is exciting about a growing stream of dividend income.  I will earn this money without having to sacrifice time out of the house working those extra hours.  My money is working for our family and most importantly for our son, as this income stream is for his benefit and will one day used for his care.

I am going to focus this month on trying to cut a little excess spending and funnel that instead into an extra contribution to the fund.  I don't spend a lot on extras.  Certainly, after bills there is not much extra left over anyway.  But still, there are areas I can tighten up, like socializing - ok, beers with the guys after our Thursday night run - and things like that.  Money saved is money saved, no matter what.  

Turning my attention to money coming in, I am happy to see the income produced just by owning high quality, dividend paying stocks.  

In April, I should receive:

  • $19.63 from Coca-Cola on the 3rd
  • $10.53 from Realty Income on the 14th
  • $9.80 from Federal Realty Investment Trust on the 17th
  • $1.12 from VEREIT REIT on the 17th
  • $39.00 from W.P. Carey on the 17th
All in all, that is about $80 in income!

To put that into perspective, in terms of other things that I do or have recently done for side income, that is basically the equivalent to a Saturday night I don't have to bartend, two school dances I do not have to chaperone, or three days of late bus duty that I do not have to pull.

And I know that, as long as I stick to my plan, that amount of dividend income will only continue to grow, month over month, year over year, as long as I continue to save and invest.

That's pretty damn motivating.

Here is hoping you all have a successful month.

Disclosure: Long all stocks mentioned


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