March 2017: Mid-Month Review

Looking ahead to April, six of the stocks in my newly established Exceptional Fund are scheduled to pay dividends.

But taking a brief glance back at the first two weeks of March, I can tell you that this month has been a busy one for me.  

I am about eight weeks away from completing my second master's degree. There will be a big push to the finish as I finish up coursework and my thesis.  

I have begun to start scanning what is out there in terms of different jobs, with the thought of pivoting my career from the classroom to school administration.

I have been back and forth on maintaining this blog, after realizing just how many personal finance and dividend investing blogs are already out there.  My little corner of the web seems very small indeed, and there are full time bloggers out there with so much more to offer.

But, as my program comes to an end I will likely have a little more time to write about investing and the special needs community, so I'll keep it rolling a little while longer.

March has been successful so far.  Again, while the numbers are not huge, the dividend snowball has at least been nudged down the hill, and while it is not exactly rolling, it is moving just a little bit. And from reading all of the other blogs, we know that any movement is good movement, and that eventually our dividend machine will run under its own power.

On March 1st, I received $13.05 in dividend income from shares of Entergy.  

On March 10th, I received $5.90 in dividends from a very small position in American Electrical Power.

On March 15th, Realty Income paid me $10.53 in dividends.

And on March 16th, $17.10 in dividend income was received from Duke Energy.  

Through Scottrade's Flexible Reinvestment Program, I purchased 8 shares of VEREIT REIT (VER).  I have had a long and generally unhappy history with this stock going back to when it was traded under ARCP.  

While I once held 2000 shares of the stock, and it made up 100% of the first incarnation of my dividend fund, I sold out of the position over time, although I hold 500 shares in an IRA.

I am going to establish a small position in VER for this fund as a speculative play, building up to 100 shares and re-assessing at that point.

Brad Thomas and others have written extensively about ARCP / VER at Seeking Alpha, if you are unfamiliar with their story.

That's all for now folks.  Hopefully this finds you well and in the middle of a successful month.  

Here in New Jersey, we've just shoveled out of Snowmageddon 2017.  About 20 inches of snow fell on my driveway - no snowblower here - and 6 more due in this afternoon!  Time to go get ready for more fun!

Long all stocks mentioned.  ARCP now trades under the symbol VER.


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