May 2017: Estimated Dividend Income

Finances and Investing for Families of People with Disabilities

Looking ahead to May, only two of the stocks in my newly established Exceptional Fund are scheduled to pay dividends.

However, as the fund is only made up of ten stocks, there are certainly bound to be months where more of them pay their dividends, such as April, and months like May where they don't.

In fact, in April I have had the best month of dividend income since the re-establishment of my fund after paying for graduate school.

In the chart below, you will see that the dividends received this month totaled nearly $100.

April 2017
Total 93.48

And while I have not hit that number yet, and while it will be quite some time until that becomes the norm, I have almost hit it once, so I am on the verge of a milestone of sorts, albeit a relatively small one.

The point is that I have been consistent in terms of developing, implementing, and measuring the results of an investment plan that works for me.  

Developing the plan was the important first step.  I know that I will need an income stream separate from my salary, especially in retirement as I have a child with a disability.  A dividend income stream will allow me to supplement my retirement pension and perhaps some day be an important source of income for my son. And because I want to work at least 28 more years, that stream will eventually have the force of a river.  

Implementing the plan is even more important.  I determined a weekly savings amount that I can start with.  Yes, I feel the pinch, but I am still able to cover my bills while having a social life and not living an extremely frugal lifestyle.  I automated my savings and took the weekly decision to save out of my hands.  It has been much easier than I anticipated to stick with the plan, and I am beginning to think about giving myself my first savings "raise."  

Measuring the results is the fun part - being able to see my account slowly grow, and eagerly awaiting "dividend days" where I am paid by a passive income stream - the best kind.

In May, I expect to receive: 

$6.50 from CVS - a position I very much want to double in the short term, and 

$10.50 from Realty Income

I will be looking ahead from that point to the summer months, when I will be starting a different summer job than the one I have had for the past eight summers, and seeing how I am able to cover my summer bills while putting some additional "new money" into the dividend account.

Good luck, and I hope you have a successful May!


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