Dividend Increase - PEP

On Tuesday, PepsiCo, Inc. (PEP) declared a quarterly dividend of $0.805 - $3.22 per share per year – a 7% raise versus the previous dividend of $3.01 per year. 

This is good news for me, of course, but on a very limited basis.  With only ten shares of PEP, my forward dividends from these shares will rise from $30.10 to $32.20, while my total forward dividends will rise from $706.85 to $708.95.

The hardest part of building a fund from zero is the fact that nearly all of the funds will need to originate from my pocket - and the time and labor required to generate them.  Over time, increasingly more of the heavy lifting will be done by the dividends themselves.

Right now, I am staying the course, making small purchases each time I can save up $1000, and work on building out the base of the fund.  

The rest will come in time.  


  1. That's a solid raise from a long time dividend raiser. You can't expect crazy high double digit increases from these consumer staples. I'm happy with it.

    1. Definitely agree. I would love to double my PEP position if it starts to near $100 again. A little pricey right now given the fact that I am effectively starting this fund from zero and new capital is limited. But we're on the right track - moving forward a little at a time is still moving forward. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I read your stuff all the time and get a lot of useful information from your posts, comments, and your commenters. - Brian


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