Dividend Received - CVS

Received $6.50 in dividends from CVS yesterday based on the 13 shares purchased with gift funds for my son during the holiday season.   A gift that keeps on giving, I suppose.

I felt a bit funny telling family members not to buy toys or other gifts for my little guy, but as a child with autism he rarely engages in imaginary play with toys, and trust me, we have plenty already.  The best gift he can receive is a dividend paying stock - even a small amount of shares - because those small amounts over time will add up to a broad stream of income which will be used to help meet his needs throughout his life.

This is a position I am likely going to add to in the future.  

The funds were not automatically reinvested but are accumulating in my FRIP account at Scottrade.

Dividends Received in May 2017

May 2017


  1. Getting dividend stocks can be a great gift for the future. I know what it is like to have to many toys with our 2 sons.

  2. Toys everywhere! I was lucky in that my parents kind of broke the ice on that conversation. They wanted to do something that would help us to fund all of the therapies and etc that come with having a child with a disability, so they quietly put the word out this year to family to more or less give whatever amount they would have spent on a gift in cash for me to manage. After the holidays, I matched all of those family contributions and wound up with 13 shares of CVS. Over time, these little purchases will start to add up!


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