Recent Buy - GIS

Today I took the opportunity to make a purchase for the Exceptional Fund.

General Mills Inc. (GIS):  21 shares @ $55.87 

Total new money invested is $1173.27 and will add $40.32 to my yearly dividends with a 3.44% yield.  

This purchase establishes an initial position in GIS for me, and is the 11th stock in my Exceptional Fund, which I will update for June.  

My forward dividend income now stands at $706.85


  1. Nice to see a fellow shareholder! You got a better deal then me, about $3 per share cheaper :)

    1. Thanks! I was happy with the entry point - but I suffer from the luck of the Irish so I can only imagine that the share price will drop a few more points over the next few days :)

      It's a good one to add to my beginning portfolio. Will definitely look to add more when funds are available. Thanks for stopping by!


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