Recent Buy: VER

 On Monday I took the opportunity to make a purchase for the Exceptional Fund.

VEREIT REIT (VER):  145 shares @ $7.065

Total new money invested is $1024.43 and will add $79.75 to my yearly dividends with a 7.78% yield.  

My forward dividend income now stands at $778.70

This purchase takes me pretty far outside of my comfort zone for a few reasons.  

First, this stock has had a lot of ups and downs over the past few years between its ARCP/VER iterations, well documented on  I own it in a transfer IRA account and have been seriously underwater for a while.  I was burned pretty badly but still believe this is a REIT with quality holdings and a bright future  I consider it my one speculation and make the leap of faith that the dividend is secure and will begin to grow over time.  But I have no particular expertise, and I hope like hell that I'm right.  Great investing strategy, right?  Of course not, but like I said, I'm speculating here and I can live with it either way.  

Second, I made a savings withdrawal from my "Summer Fund" to finance the purchase.  As a teacher, I rely on that account to cover two mortgage payments when I do not draw a salary.  While I am still able to do that, this activity drained my account of $1000 that would otherwise be moved toward 2018's summer mortgage payments.

Therefore, I would anticipate one of two things happening: Either I sell off this position should it advance fairly well into the green, and directing the entirety of the sale back into savings (thus making this a trade rather than investment) or selling something else.  

There is an outside shot that I do neither, but before I can invest, I have to make sure that those two summer payments are covered well before summer arrives.  

So after thinking about this move for a few days, I chalk it up to a rookie mistake, and while I have not suffered from it (yet), I need to repeat the mantra of "Sleep Well At Night" for this fund, and not worry about speculation.  

In any case, stay tuned.  

Long VER.

I will update the fund page around June 1st to reflect the purchase.  


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